Knokke got MAC

In EVENTS on August 10, 2010 at 11:46 AM

Summer is almost over and before everybody runs for cover in cashmere sweaters, turtle-necks and opaque stockings I want to look back at the opening of a new MAC Cosmetics store in fancy pancy KNOKKE, Belgium’s own Monaco, St-Tropez or Cannes. Whatever suits you the best.

Together with my bestie SABINE PEETERS who is for obvious reasons àll about make-up  we went to check out the new store, went for a drink on the beach and watched a beautiful sunset.

The good life.

Here’s a small visual recap.

(picture by Filip Desmet)

Andy Warhol & Marilyn Monroe were at the beach party. Ofcourse we had to take some pictures.

Special thanks for the folks at NIQUE, who send me this lovely ‘Romance’  blush dress àll the way from Australia. I’m a fan.

Other guest were Tiany Kiriloff representing for BELMODO.TV ( and being friendly with male MAC models)

In the meantime,  I was trying to eat the FOODSIE fingerfood as decent as possible….

…while Sabine was socializing with Elke from the MAC crew.

This is the abfab prove that heels càn be worn in the sand. very SATC in Abu Dhabi if you ask me.

We went home spoiled with MAC goodies;

Thank you MAC for a lovely evening.

Sunsets and Make-up.

A girl can’t wish for more.


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