In FASHION on August 19, 2010 at 7:08 PM

A while ago, you know, when the summer sun still came out to play, I had a little get together with the folks from KOMONO, we did a little test-shoot for their next SS11 collection and I was there to capture it all and bother everyone with my camera(s)

Here’s a little preview. Stay tuned for the real deal very soon… still & motion picture.

We flew to the US and found us a little spot in The Hamptons.

(No, not really, St-Katelijne Waver actually. 😉

Ruben Debuck (stylist) and Sophie Engelen (H&MU) chilling in the sunset

After all it was a steamy hot evening.

Photographer Fred Bastin, always in search of the perfect expression with model Clara, one of Belgium’s finest redheads.

The girl is a drop.dead.gorgeous.

When stylist Ruben is not waiting in between stylings.

He never forgets, it’s all about the details.

And that’s just me, rocking some KOMONO – URKEL (Turtoise) glasses. I like nerd-stuff. What can I say.

Stay tuned for the official KOMONO SS11 shoot.



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