Moi, Toi et La Mer

In PHOTOGRAPHY on August 27, 2010 at 3:35 AM

Just a few weeks ago, I hung out with Belgian photographer CHARLIE DEKEERSMAECKER on a gray windy day in my hometown, that melancholic city by the sea, called Ostend.

He asked me to work together for his free-work series called ‘CITYGIRLS, THE’RE ALLRIGHT’, and  for Ostend, city of rock’n’roll, sin, old glory,  barfights, good music and most important, the sea, I was very honoured he asked me.

We spend the day more talking about music and wandering on the shores than actually taking pictures, but I’m very happy with the few we took.

Less is so much more.

Here is what came out of Charlie’s Leica, his camera I secretely wanted to rob from him.

I like the pictures. It’s very me on a dog day afternoon.

Very Moi, Toi et La Mer.

Check out the other fly girls Charlie hung out with here.

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