In FASHION, PHOTOGRAPHY on September 29, 2010 at 6:41 PM

I have a bit of a secret obsession for swimwear .

I absolutely love swimwear editorials and really like the Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition (especially anything with Ana Beatriz Barros) and  all the lushes illusions that are created around it.

I guess it’s a part of the men’s brain I understand very well.

My friend LENNY LELEU, a graduate from the Fashion Department from the Antwerp Royal Academy Of Fine Arts is all about swimwear too, more importantly she designs it!

So after she graduated, she worked for some time in New York & Los Angeles, to finally come back to Belgium and start her own collection.

Her third collection is called APOCALYPS ON THE BEACH and is her view on the world and its environment today with BP-oil spill and god knows what other stuff people throw in our beautiful sea.

So if your local beach turns out in an oily dirty mess next summer, then this is what you should wear to be in tune with the environment.

All black everything. But smoking hot like a burning tire.

Lenny invited me to her atelier in Antwerp where I took some raw on the spot disposable snapshots with the lovely LAYNA who is also: smoking hot and very rock ‘n’ roll.

The pictures are raw, in your face and with NO Photoshop.


Thank you Lenny for this little private sneak peek on this rocking collection!!

Stay tuned for another LENNY LELEU collaboration pretty soon…

Collection: LENNY LELEU


All Pictures by: OUNI

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