In EVENTS, FASHION, PHOTOGRAPHY on October 6, 2010 at 10:20 AM

Hermès threw a party in Brussels not so long ago to celebrate their ‘Carré’ better know as their famous (madly expensive) scarfs.

Only for the night, you could pick a scarf you liked the most and pose on a picture with it like it was your very own.

It wasn’t really a party in all honesty…, just a big fashion crowd staring at each other in a TL-lighted venue which was for me personally a big atmosphere killer. (sowwy)

When you gather a strictly fashion crowd together, you mùst make sure that the venue is as dark as a shallow grave, so people can dance and the freaks can come out on the dance floor.

But, I still managed to have a good time and have a drink with my bestie SABINE PEETERS , see some familiar faces and killed time  while taking a couple of disposable shots of fabulous folks.

Thank You ALADIN for the invite! Ouni Loves You.  😉

  1. Hey !
    I am the girl with the scarf in her hair ! As promised I leave you a comment on this post ! I totally agree with you : this party wasn’t really a party and kind of strange to feel everybody lookin’ at each other. But anyway my friend and I had fun ! Thanks for the pictures (even if the last pic’ isn’t really flattering for me :p)


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