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Last w-end I was featured twice (!) at the Brussels Modo Parcours w-end. It turned out to be a very cool, vibrant and most importantly FUN fashion night out.

Here’s the visual recap.

First stop was at the CHRISTOPHE COPPENS ATELIER for THE BELIEVERS EXPO by director & photographer  JAVIER BARCALA.

I was very excited to be featured in this expo. An eclectic bunch of artists participated on this and Javier made a beautiful series of images inspired by sustainability in fashion.

(More info & details about the expo here)

My favorite image of the series

this is..me. 🙂


CHRISTOPHE COPPENS for the believers. (picture by J.Barcala)

Work from Franc Fernandez (Who recently made worldwide news by designing Lady Gaga’s meatdress.) #yesyes


My besties Jules & Sabine were tagging along for the night.

Congratulations to Javier and thank you so much for making me a part of your world.  (and big up to Mark!! )

Next stop was the OMSK TOTEM EXPO by ULRIKE BIETS x GIRLS FROM OMSK at the MAPP store.

Ulrike Biets was showcasing her pictures of the OMSK ARMY, basically an eclectic group of people wearing Omsk gear.

(Read more info about the expo here)


Photographer ULRIKE BIETS in front of her work #proudmamacita

Ouni #offthewall



Designer from Girls From Omsk, Valèria Siniouchkina toasting with her russion delegation. #russianpower

Photographer Ulrike Biets was flaunting a heavy cross that night.

Meanwhile I was bringing out the narcissist in me and took pictures of well.. me. #vanityisasin

My favorite Belgian model LAYNA was also in town and she was flaunting a sick multi page spread in this November’s ELLE magazine. #laynarocks

(Check out the little sexy swimwear snap shoot I had with Layna not so long ago here)

Interesting read at the MAPP store. #tiger #slurp

Me and Valeria hugging it out. #Omsklovers


Thank you Ulrike and Valeria for featuring me into your awesome world. I’m really honored and happy with this collaboration.

After that we wondered from store to store, event to event. These visuals basically represent the Brussels mayhem vibe that was hanging in the air.

Big crowd for the sexy window girls over here


A quick stop at the HUNTING & COLLECTING store where fairy tale boys with feathers served beers next to flying grapes and bananas.

The event was hosted by ROMAIN BRAU (from my favorite, flipping-out-of-my-mind store éver) the Antwerp RA store.

Young innocent boys were lying around chaperoned by a lovely dog.  #interesting

We made a quick visit to BYRAM’s straw installation at the KARTELL store.



There was even a straw SOFA. Needless to say we simply had to test it out.

Great night out and a silent statement that a fashion night out can be FUN for a change. #donttakeittooserious



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