In FASHION, MUSIC on January 27, 2011 at 12:42 PM

I only post fashion stuff, if I feel somehow related to it, because there are so many fashion blogs out there, I don’t really see the point of another one, but…

TOMMY HILFIGER is working it lately!

For this KIDS OF AMERICA HILFIGER DENIM campagne the Tommy team mixed the usual models with bloggers, producers, upcoming musicians and even promoters to underline  the eclectic, creative and individualistic style of the Hilfiger Denim brand.

If you are familiar with my other blog  and with my healthy obession for Lolita’s you won’t be surprised that the images of

A-TRAK & SKY FERREIRA caught my attention the most.

Other talent involved in the campagne are:

Holy Ghost, Tommie Sunshine, Faith-Ann Young, Lissy Trullie & Tom Dunkley

Photographer Josh Olins was in charge of these fun & laid back pictures.

Sky Ferreira

Definitely check out this amazing Miike Snow Animal cover she did.


Catch up on A-Trak‘s Polaroid Story here.

Another great HILFIGER DENIM campagne where fashion and music go hand in hand.

  1. sky is amazing

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