In N'IMPORTEQUOI on February 2, 2011 at 3:14 PM

I just NEED to tell everyone in the world that i absolutely LOVE and ADORE ACHRAF AMIRI.

I met him personally a little while ago for a feature for BTHERE magazine ‘s Creative Belgians issue and he truly blew me away.

Achraf is an ARTIST from head to toe, with a mean sense of fashion and a killer pen where he draws out the most incredible, cruel yet very sexy illustrations.

Imagine  the madness of The Addams Family, with the raunchy sexyness of True Blood, the deadly, witty puns of Tim Burton with the allure of Cruella Devil, all mixed with in a big pile of nasty devilish bloody fashion cruelness.


I’m a big fan of his work and I think the whole world should be aswell. Like. PRONTO!

Call me crazy, but I would DIE for a portrait from this artist.

Imagine Miss Ouni D’Ostend with lots of leopard with even longer fingers than I already have! My GAWD!

Ahum..but in the meantime… check some of AMAZING ASHRAF work.



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