In WANNAHAVE on February 19, 2011 at 2:12 PM

Wonder Woman.

How can you not LOVE the iconic cartoon super heroine called WONDER WOMAN!!

I always loved her because she was a luscious, sexy, curvy brunette, I adored her sexy outfit, her Lasso Of Truth, the golden killer bling, I mean…how could you NOT want to be her?


in the tv series played by blue-eyed belle LYNDA CARTER

I’m a huge Batman fan, I have all the movies at home and when I was young I was obsessed with the TV cartoons, and you may or may not know that Batman & WonderWoman had something going on. 😉

So big was my surprise when I found this little package in the mail today from M.A.C COSMETICS !!

I was wondering how they knew I just adore WONDER WOMAN….!! Maybe it’s because of all the gold, the brown hair, or maybe somebody at the MAC head office knew that I just lòve using words like POW!POW!POW! and BANG BANG BANG on the daily !?

I’m a longtime M.A.C COSMETICS aficionado. I love how they come up with innovating and daring new products, I love their VIVA GLAM awareness campagne against AIDS and I love how they naturally blend music & make-up in their campagnes.

I’m a fan.

So thank you M.A.C for my  THEMYSCIRA blue mascara , the AMAZONE PRINCESS POWDER BLUSH and a JUMBO PENULTIMATE RAPIDBLACK eyeliner!!  (awesome names btw)

Ow! Before I forget, for all my Belgian M.A.C. make-up addicts. You can now buy all your M.A.C goodies online and get them delivered straight into your mailbox at home. #POW!POW!POW!


Gush over the complete WONDER WOMAN set here below


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