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I know, I know. It’s been a while for new stuff to appear on OUNI INC.

Sometimes you have to take a step back from things to see how you want them to evolve, so that’s why I guess…

I only post stuff here that I réally like or have a connection with if it’s not purely Ouni Inc related.  As I said before, I don’t have the need to blog endlessly about stuff. I  want things to have a certain relevancy when I post it. Besides. There are a trillion bloggers out there who are happily blogging away about everything and nothing, so why should I do the same?

I was very excited to receive an invitation for the TIANY KIRILOFF x VERO MODA press conference.

Tiany is one of the few girls in Belgium who’s doing her ‘thàng’ in fashion, TV-hosting, styling and writing. I have a deep-rooted respect for Tiany and the things she does. Plus, she is a mother of 2 little girls. She has it all. The career, the life, the family.

I met Tiany for the first time, years ago, when I won a modelling competition hosted by her TV show, (the former Alive.Style show) and since then we kept on running into each other.

Tiany has always been super supportive with all the things I have done in the past untill this very day. She is definitely one of my loyal troopers.

Therefore, I felt it as a personal ‘must’ to be present at her press conference and support her.

Tiany did an exclusive capsule line for the Danish retail chain called VERO MODA. She had the chance to give her point of view on the collection and she designed a range of various accessible pieces.

One thing I love about Vero Moda is how they have very strong, pure and healthy brand imagery, and I can only state that the campagne pictures with Tiany turned out amazing.

Check out this little video displaying the A to Z process of the Kirilove x Vero Moda collaboration.

The press conference was packed with journalists, fashion magazine editors and a gazillion bloggers snapping pictures like professional paparazzi.


I only had my disposable cam with only a few pictures left (!) and a sucky blackberry from my friend Anja (BB = yuk)  Needless to say, I kept it on the low with snapping away. Besides, if you google Tiany Kiriloff x Vero Moda you’ll probably have enough links to feed you the necessary extra images.

The press conference was accompanied by ‘High Tea’ classy but delicious titbits provided by the good fellas from FOODSIE. 


This is my favorite piece of the KIRIL❤VE collection.


The KIRIL❤VE collection will be in your nearest Vero Moda store by September.

Last but definitely not least a massive shout out to my girl Tiany. Congratulations woman!

Let’s have a Pimms by the shore asap! 😉




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