OUNI x BBBerlin

In EVENTS on July 14, 2011 at 3:46 PM

Spend a few days in Berlin during Bread & Butter fashion fare…

Small visual recap of a few things I did on the way.

soundtrack for this blogpost is this.

“Can we get much higher….?”

Seriously loved the whole Mad Max vibe at Bread & Butter Desert Land

Always nice to see a familiar face from Belgium…

BUE TheWarrior representing at BBB for NEW ERA. Did you know he recently launched his first official ‘Hey Hey’ Ipad APP?!

short video snippet…

Next stop was a quick visit to the HILFIGER DENIM container boot at Bread & Butter.

Can it get any bigger for Theophilus London?

They had it going on at Tommy with a poolparty…

(models included)

and Mr London blasting classics behind the decks. All smiles for Theo who is launching his debut album july 19th! 

and another quick video snippet for ya’

On my way out I stumbled on those twins from Brooklyn, you might remember them from here.

After collaborations with Mark Jacobs, G-Shock and curating photoshoots for Wad Magazine,  the twins are in the midst of opening their own restaurant (!) but in the meantime they found the time to do a collaboration with PONY.

I almost missed the bus to Levi’s trying to capture this CONVERSE picture without people on it.

Try doing that on a fare with hundreds of visitors passing by every second. #patience

Hopped on the bus rrrright on time for my next stop.

Arrival destination was the opening of the LEVI’S Print Workshop, which is part of their global campaign called ‘GO FORTH’

The LEVI’S Print Workshop will provide print workshops to facilitate creative production and collaboration.

Once inside, besides the regular food & drinks, you could actually DO something.

Meaning, you could custom print your own LEVI’s t-shirt with all the necessary tools.

And so I put some work into it myself. I chose to go for the “When all is said and done…have you done or said enough” LEVI’s campaign tagline.

I decided to put the tagline on the lower back. I like reading stuff on the back of other peoples shirt rather than in your face for some reason.

and off to the dryer…

The next day it was all about FAMILY & FRIENDS  for ONITSUKA TIGER.

Just a little sneak peek for this one, full post coming pretty soon on #apolaroidstory….

The last day I  made sure I made some time to stop by the MCM pop-up store.

I’m not the one to make a blogpost about topics like bags that easily, but if i have òne very unhealthy obsession that I like to feed & sustain like a drugaddict on crack… well than it would have to be my addiction for MCM bags.

Not Gucci, Not Louis. Not Fendi. (Well, maybe vintage Fendi 🙂 but definitely…..MCM.

I’m especially in love with practically everything from the COGNAC VISETOS collection.

–> uhm….WANT ?!

I’ll dedicate a whole #ouninc post soon on my love for & collection of MCM bags asap.  #biggrin

On my way back home at the Berlin Tegel airport I stumbled up on my friends from the Belgian brand KOMONO.

They supplied me with new goodies before I could even say KO-MO-NO.


and then it was back to home sweet home…

Berlin you were GRAND, as usual…

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