In WANNAHAVE on August 15, 2011 at 2:07 PM

So last sunday was my birthday.

Not very fond of those of type days, but I try to let them gracefully overcome me.

This year, it turned out that my friends know me even better than I thought and I simply had to show you some of excellent goodies they managed to surprise me with.

If you think my life and/or appartement is a jungle. You are absolutely right.

Totally stoked by this JEAN CHARLES DE CASTELBAJAC leopard head black sweater. I was in love with this sweater 2 seasons ago and I’m beyond excited that this is finally, officially MINE. #mwoehahahahaha

No these are not ‘doorknockers’, but they might as well have been. 🙂

I went completely ga-ga when I saw these ELA STONE earrings at the Luc Duchene store and even more nuts when my bestie Sabine Peeters said:  “That’s it. I’m giving these for your birthday. This is like…made for Ouni.” #fact

I was super happy to find out that Belgian brand KIPLING gave me this excellent black TEAGAN travel trolley. I wondered if they knew I have always travelled in the worst suitcases imaginable and that they wanted to save me from those weird looks at the airport people give me when they see me dragging my crooked travel gear. 🙂

Thank you KIPLING! From now on, I officially travel with a gorilla. Spread the word.

My friends over at WOO  send me this amazing KIEL MEAD necklace. I’ve been woo-ing this match-stick necklace for quit some time because the  idea of hanging an eternal ‘light in the dark’ around your neck is simply golden.

“You still do festivals right? Well, than this might be something for you. And it got heels even. Always interesting.” 

Things get even more crazy with this next hilarious gift. I must admit that this might turn out very challenging in the styling department, but it definitely made me laugh out loud. You can probably catch me eco-gardening/fighting future mud streams/battle apocalyptic rain/strut rainy festivals in these.

While having a quiet birthday diner in Ostend one of my best friends popped these Marc Jacobs earrings out on my plate.

By that time I was pretty sure everybody did his homework on the jungle department. 🙂

Add some of that black shatter OPI nailpolish to that list and I can officially state that my friends know me very well.

Belated birthday gifts are the bèst!

Thank you WRANGLER! Nothing beats a good classic wifebeater shirt.

Loving the “MADE FOR THOUGH SERVICE” quote btw. Very…me. 🙂

Last but not least. The gift I bought for myself. Every year I buy myself a birthday gift. Something I really like.

This time my eye fell on this vintage YASHICA camera. Testing it out as we speak. 🙂

Thanks everyone. Ofcourse, material gifts are less important than all the true fun lovin moments and the feeling that your friends are there for you in good times and the bad. And I’m pretty sure that I can say that about mine…. ❤


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