In N'IMPORTEQUOI on August 22, 2011 at 10:01 AM

If I could transport this ‘little’ monkey from Antwerp to my hometown Ostend?

I have no car, so I had to drag the monkey with me via public transport.

This is result of that journey.

While waiting for the bus….


…it turned out the monkey wasn’t very social


So I decided to try and connect with the monkey. Apparantely his name was OTIS.


When we arrived at the station, ofcourse there was a massive delay. We had to wait it  out.


Then finally, the train arrived and we could start our journey home.


Ofcourse, there was another problem on the Belgian railway network (what’s new) and we had to transfer to another station.

When we watched the timetable, we knew we were fucked. OTIS wasn’t very happy.


I decided to calm him down with some candy.


While dragging OTIS around  he suddenly lost his arm. I was in a small panic but luckily there was an ambulance to fix him up.


Since the train was not going to work, we had to wait for a ride home.


Turned out OTIS was very popular with the girls


and the baby girls.


And then finally we arrived home…


The next morning it was time to bring OTIS to his new home.

We went for a last walk in the park.


OTIS really loved it there.


So it was really hard to let him go.


A final picture before we said goodbye


And then I left Otis in his new home….

I miss him already.


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