In FASHION, MUSIC on October 6, 2011 at 10:04 AM

Yes that’s me with my ‘stay focused’ face.

A few weeks ago I was invited to provide some tunes at the SALVATORE FERRAGAMO party in Brussels.

I’m not a professional DJ, but I know a thing or two about music. I used to spin some records in the bar in Ostend I used to work when the boss was once again late for his saturday night set, or help another bar out from time to time when they need a last-minute DJ.

I get these type of requests once in a while and I always decline, but for once I decided that  I would accept the invitation.

The party was véry elegant, posh, classy and slightly serious, so at first I wasn’t really keen on playing what I wanted, plus the DJ that accompanied  and also invited me,  DJ DARKO, has a completely different style than mine, and I was a bit intimidated because I didn’t have that much matching music.

Plus, I felt like a fool without a decent Traktor program, and felt like a legit amateur DJ-ing with….Itunes. #blasphemy.

But at the end of the night, I let it all go and my final 15 minutes turned out in a full hour dance floor take-over with the remaining guests shaking their tail feather like there was no tomorrow.

I even got a big smile and a handshake from an Italian Salvatore Ferragamo boss lady who told me after she saw all the madness I created: “Congratulaaaatiooons, well done, well done.” 🙂

One of the other highlights of the night is that I was put in a black leather PAULE KA dress that I always dreamed of finding.

Here are a few pictures of the SALVATORE FERRAGAMO evening. (pictures by Salvatore Ferragamo)

I took a few Instagram shots in between my set. (follow me on Instagram, search for OUNINANA)

the amazing ACHRAF AMIRI was flown straight out of London to literally illustrate the party.

ACHRAF takes business cards to a whole other level with these

Look at the face illustrated in the middle, yup that’s LAYNA

I saw some other familiar faces, like




Special thanks to DARKO & TANDEM for inviting me to provide some tunes at the party….!!

My bag with 3 days of clothing was stolen that same night and I must admit, it stung a little,  but it didn’t weigh up to the positivity of the night.




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