In PHOTOGRAPHY on October 21, 2011 at 4:14 PM

As said before, in celebration of 20 years MARC LAGRANGE , his upcoming XXML expo and a limited edition t-shirt collection in collaboration with Belgian brand ESSENTIEL I ended up doing this very appropriate POLAROID collaboration.

Here are a few backstage instagram shots from that day as promised.

My close friend and Belgian H&MU artist SABINE PEETERS  glammed me up for this one. Did I mention she worked with Mario Testino recently?! #yup

Marie-Antoinette hair

First layers of MU

From head to toe. #details

Almost there

Time to shoot


and then… the Polaroids results.


My happiest moment of the day was when Marc showed me his POLAROID BIG SHOT camera, the same camera ANDY WARHOL used to shoot his famous portraits with and suggested that we should take a portrait of me. I need that bad boy camera.


Happy Ouni

Et voilà.

Special thanks to Marc Lagrange for the Polaroids and the fun day and Sabine Peeters for glamming me up.

Last but not least, big thank you to Saskia from THE WICKED for all the additional backstage pictures ànd the hook-up for this shoot.

You’re FIERCE woman.



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